Miracle Flights for Kids: Getting Children To Healthcare

It’s perhaps a sobering statistic; at any given moment, as many as 30 million Americans are suffering a physical affliction of some kind that may change their lives and possibly even even shorten their life. Even worse, about half of these people are children, with some of them unlikely to make it to their fifth birthday. There is good news out there, of course. Our healthcare system has made advances so that many sick children can get better through treatment. The problem is, Miracle Flights for Kids found out, that treatment isn’t always available nearby. Sometimes, it may be hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away, which means many such children may not get treatment because they can’t afford airfare to get to the treatment.

That is why Miracle Flights for Kids was established in 1985. They have a single mission; to provide the financial assistance to provide medical flights to seriously ill children and their families. So far, thousands of children have gotten help from medical experts and second opinions that save lives. Best of all, many families have receive hope.

How Miracle Flights for Kids Works

To put it as simply as possible, Miracle Flights for Kids serves as an outreach program for the families of sick children, to assist those who need medical help that is not available locally find the means to fly to wherever the medical care, second opinion or anything else they need. While they solicit the help of Americans nationwide to help with this mission and they try hard to spread the word about their services, they do so with good reason. Their fervent hope is that no child who needs medical care isn’t blocked from getting it by the family’s ability to pay for a flight to wherever they need to go.

The good folks who work with Miracle Flights for Kids like what they do and they do it well. The organization has received accolades for their services, including many awards as top-rated non-profit, as well as humanitarian awards and even a couple of lifetime achievement awards. Part of the reason may be that they’re filling a very urgent need by a great many families. As many as 30 million Americans have been struck by a serious illness that cuts short their life or negatively affects it in some way, and about half of those Americans are children. Many of those kids are expected to die before they even reach kindergarten and all of them deserve a chance to prove that wrong.

Since they were established in 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has grown into one of the most necessary nonprofit health and welfare flight organization in the country. Over three decades, they have provided the financial assistance needed to provide medical flights to seriously ill children who need them to get the life-altering or life-saving medical care they need.

Miracle Flight for Kids – Helping Families Across The United States

Miracle Flights for Kids was founded as a nationwide organization that helps children in need reach medical care that requires air travel. Currently, there are thousands of low-income families throughout the United States that fall into this category of needing help traveling to the specialized medical services they need in order to better their lives medically. Therefore, since 1985, thousands of donors and volunteers across the United States have come together on a regular basis to make a change by volunteering and donating to Miracle Flights for Kids. Miracle Flights for Kids is now the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization through the dedication of these donors and volunteers.