Miracle Flights for Kids: Getting Children To Healthcare

It’s perhaps a sobering statistic; at any given moment, as many as 30 million Americans are suffering a physical affliction of some kind that may change their lives and possibly even even shorten their life. Even worse, about half of these people are children, with some of them unlikely to make it to their fifth birthday. There is good news out there, of course. Our healthcare system has made advances so that many sick children can get better through treatment. The problem is, Miracle Flights for Kids found out, that treatment isn’t always available nearby. Sometimes, it may be hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away, which means many such children may not get treatment because they can’t afford airfare to get to the treatment.

That is why Miracle Flights for Kids was established in 1985. They have a single mission; to provide the financial assistance to provide medical flights to seriously ill children and their families. So far, thousands of children have gotten help from medical experts and second opinions that save lives. Best of all, many families have receive hope.